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Top Industry Standards

Built Indoors in Finland.

By Our Talented Experts.

A Smarter Way To Build

We Want to Move the House Building Away from The Bush!




the Complex 

Our concept allows you to follow the building process taking place in our factory in Finland on distance over the web from anywhere in the world. When the house is ready, it will be shipped as a complete package to your preferred location.

Unlimited Scalability

The modular complexity of our patented concept allows scaling to ∞ m2 where the modules can be stacked side-by-side or on top of each other to create multi-story buildings.

Patented ecological architecture

We have made the housebuilding process faster and more affordable by building in a protected and controlled environment. By applying our unique construction patents to the process we have also been able to drastically minimize waste and carbon footprint.

Extensive surface material possibilities

Don't let anything limit your imagination. Wooden shingles, standing seam metal roofing, painted walls, or a raw wooden construction, everything is possible, in-factory of course!

Features & Benefits

Our patented solutions allow for construction without plastics, minimal loss in material and fast delivery.

Great things happen at lightning speed,

here at our production line in Finland

For a more natural and

comfortable private living

" Housebuilding has become a pure pleasure with Teijo Logs ecological and modular houses. "

Peace of Mind

Imagine how it would feel to simply tell the architect the details of your dream house and get it delivered in a matter of days like a clothing order online... This is all possible with the Teijo Log concept, and you can even make an order in our webshop! Just let us know your favorite colors, materials, your preferred brands for the fridge, sauna, and shower tap, and we will make it happen!

Unlimited & Unique

Your ideas and desires; converted into Interior Design, Construction Planning, Electrical Plans, and HVAC installations. That process is your biggest obstacle when building a house. With Teijo Log, it is all included! Forget about messing around with dozens of entrepreneurs and suppliers when every step can be done under the same roof by a team of experienced experts, working to fulfill your dreams!

Seamless & Affordable

What happens when we remove worksite transportations, minimize construction waste through precision in a controlled factory environment, and forget all plastics by using natural materials and no chemicals? Well, your dream house happens! And by multiple tests, we have also made sure that indoor air will be as close as possible to the air that you are breathing outdoors.

Clean & Eco Friendly

Why Teijo Log?

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