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Features & Benefits

" Finally, an eco-friendly house concept
that doesn't take ages to build! "

All-In-One house with unlimited options

While we are building the Teijo Log modular homes at lightning speed at affordable prices in our factory on a protected and secure assembly line, there will still be close to unlimited modification possibilities for all types and sizes of projects. Your specifications are the most exciting part of our work, where every new project is as unique as a custom-built car or piece of contemporary art.

Your Future is Secured

We give the promise that every home or module built today is unlimitedly scalable even in the future. This means that you can order a new module for example once every year for the next 20 years to expand your home, school, summer cottage, office, or any complex that you wish to expand later on. 


Every project has the option to be delivered as a complete package to your building site, was it a private island, mountain top, city center, a floating raft, your polar expedition on the Arctic Ice or New Zeeland summer home.

The modular house, office, sauna, or multi-story building will have all technology built-in and is literally move-in ready when delivered to you. Just switch on the coffee maker!

Integrated Technology

All houses have the opportunity to be equipped with the latest technology including touch panels, voice-controlled lighting solutions, hidden panels, integrated toilets, WiFi-ready whiteware, and remotely controllable saunas. You can of course leave the electricity out and experience a living with candles and a traditional wood-burning stove.

Total Design Freedom

All homes have the capability of getting unique wall materials, roof types, windows, colors, floor materials, smart electrical solutions, additional insulation, etc. depending on the needs and specifications of your personal project.

A New Standard for Turnkey Solutions

While the traditional package house is told to be a "turnkey solution", have our experts still encountered that 80% of the work is actually made on-site. We at Teijo Log believe in making the old easy almost insanely smart. We are dedicated to bringing the building process out of the jungle and making it a clean, controlled, and enjoyable process for all parties.

There Is Something for Everyone

We at Teijo Log respect all kinds of customers with any desires, dreams, or demands. You are welcome to order with us as a family, company, association, non-profit, or even as an outlaw wishing to live on a raft on international waters in a luxury cottage.

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