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Our Story

Teamwork is key

Every member of the founding team has learned a lot about teamwork in the past years from the construction business. There is always a lot of dots to connect during any building project and this is where schedules usually fail. Lack of communication seems to be the most fatal issue of all and we wanted to make a change to that, a big one.

Effective planning

Apart from communication issues, we had also noticed a critical error that architects, engineers, designers, and landscape planners usually make. Plans and drawings tend to be messed up and non-related in certain areas. Well, this is, of course, related to the lack of communication as well, but it is mainly because all of these highly competent people don't know each other or have different work methods.

Infinite projects

We at Teijo Log have over 70 years of combined experience in the construction business. The main factor that brought all of us together was that we wanted to solve all of the most common problems that the industry still faces today. We have seen many soon-to-be homeowners suffering from frustration due to infinite schedules, uncertainties, and never-ending projects. By bringing all areas of expertise under the same roof, we can eliminate all of that forever. 

Joy and family

We all have had enough of solving and fixing problems during our free time. By bringing together all experts and the whole worksite indoors, we can spend more time with our beloved families. This is, of course, a considerable advantage that will benefit our customers even more than us. Forget about all worries concerning worksite safety, variable weather, subcontractor competencies, or material deliveries. All of this will be taken care of by our lovely personnel at the Teijo Log factory.

Overcoming fear

Everyone has their own worries when it comes to big life decisions and especially ones that have to be made for the first time. We wanted to minimize the uncertainties and fears that lay behind the house building process. This is why we decided to only work with our most trusted partners when we founded Teijo Log. To further minimize the concerns we also wanted to give all customers the opportunity to follow the project digitally at distance during the whole process. 

Lazy does not have to be foolish

It is said that humans have been building houses for roughly 10.000 years now, but why have we developed such advanced and highly chemical processes during the last 100 years? With our combined experience we have made significant conclusions on why we should move away from the lazy chemicals and instead go back to making simple yet elegant structures of natural materials. We have developed several highly advanced and ecological solutions where we can utilize the evolution of robotics and still creates sustainable, long-lasting buildings out of nature's most underrated renewable material, wood.

Originality with modularity

While we wanted to make the building process simple and the construction of any house a pleasure to everyone involved, we still had the intention to give the designers and constructors full freedom. The modularity of the Teijo Log concept creates new opportunities and designs that most certainly will revolutionize the way we build and design houses today.

Gold is bold

The Finnish forests have been called "the green gold" for their substantially positive impact on the Finnish economy. Wood has been an important material for many industries before plastics came into the picture. Even houses were made out of wood with wooden roofs and gutters. Because of Finland's rough weather conditions, one may think that a wooden house built in the 18th century would not last until today. This is, in fact, not the case, and we have a great example of this in Turku, where there is a whole part of the old town with log houses preserved almost intact.

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