Gym and Massage 

Actiwell is a local gym and massage salon located in the Archipelago town of Kimito in southern Finland. With a constantly growing customer base, Actiwell decided to update its digital image along with the renovation of the gym interior.

We did assemble a branded package including webpages, photography of the new interior, blog pages, and as a finishing touch we gave the customer a thorough introduction to the blogging tools.

Punching Bag /

Actiwell Basement

Logo Wall /

Actiwell Main Entrance

Photography /

Actiwell Main Floor

Spinning Room /

Actiwell Basement

Custom Car Parts Store

RS GARAGE focuses on sales of custom made parts and accessories for cars. The need for a webshop was sudden, and we managed to put together a fully functional store for their needs in a short time.

The shop includes a wide range of different products for several models of cars, where the main focus is concentrated on visual and informative sections for new customers to easily understand the concept of RS GARAGE.

Steering Wheel Photography / 


Explanatory Section /

RSG Custom Steering Wheels

About Section /


Retail Section /


Cleaning, Catering & Local Crayfish

Sabina had gone a long way in her career without any kind of marketing made at all. Every new client was based on word-of-mouth marketing. When she founded the crayfish company to accompanying the catering and cleaning services, she knew that a webpage was what she needed to get the brand out to the customers.

Sabina at REN LYX immediately told us that she wanted a simple site with only the necessary information and a story about her company. We managed to release the page just in time for the Finnish crayfish season with a very personal looking website as a result. 

REN LYX & Skärgårdskräftan /

Hybrid Business Card

Skärgårdskräftan /


Company Story/


Aesthetical Images /

Visual Look

Showroom / 


Sample Picture/




Contact Form/

Page Footer

FRITZÉN Design Studio is our subsidiary that concentrates on the industrial design of products with a focus on luminaires. The FRIZÈN Studio creates 3D models and prototypes for different use and develops the product from sketch to serial production-ready entirety. In this case, an online portfolio is the most important part of showcasing the work of the studio.

The website for the portfolio is built on the principle that visuals are the most important element. The studio is presented as a highly artistic atelier and therefore we wanted to express the design language with lots of images. We completed photoshoots in several different environments to produce studio, home, and outdoor images to bring the website to life.

Product Design